The following information is not legal advice; it is provided for general informational purposes only.  Workers’ Compensation laws can be complex and fact specific.  Please consult with an attorney of your choosing about your specific circumstances.

  • What is Workers' Compensation

    Since 1920, Georgia has had in place a special system of laws to compensate workers who are injured on the Read More
  • Are all employees obligated to have workers' compensation insurance?

    In Georgia, every employer who has three (3) or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, it is important Read More
  • How much time do I have to report and injury?

    You have 30 days in which to report an injury on the job. There is no requirement in the law Read More
  • What benefits am I entitled to?

    Generally speaking, there are three benefits to which an employee is entitled: (1) medical care for the work injury; (2) Read More
  • What medical benefits an I entitled to?

    The employee is entitled to receive all medical treatment and care for his work injury that are reasonably required and Read More
  • Can I choose the doctor that will treat me?

    The employee cannot seek medical care with any doctor. The employer’s obligation to pay for the medical care is limited Read More
  • What if I don't like the doctor that is treating me or if I'm not getting better?

    You have the right to switch to another doctor listed on the company panel if you are dissatisfied with your Read More
  • What if I don’t like the doctors listed on the panel, or there is no doctor for the specialty I need, or I already exercised my right to change doctors once?

    The only other possible ways to change doctors are through agreement with your employer or the insurer OR by an Read More
  • What income benefits am I entitled to?

    You are entitled to lost wages, or wage replacement, while you recuperate from your injuries. However, you do not recover Read More
  • Does my income benefit increase with time?

    No, your income benefit is fixed as of the date of your injury and it is not increased or adjuster Read More
  • Is there a waiting period after my injury before I receive income benefits?

    Your employer or the insurer have an obligation to pay income benefits once you have lost 7 consecutive days of Read More
  • So, when should I receive my first income benefit check?

    If the treating doctor has placed you on a no-work status, the employer/insurer must issue the first weekly benefit check Read More
  • What if I am receiving my checks late?

    Most insurance companies mail the checks . The post office sometimes loses or delays delivery of a check, in which case Read More
  • Can my income benefits be deposited directly in my bank account?

    That depends on the insurance company and your expected length of incapacity. There is no law requiring it, but some Read More
  • How long am I entitled to receive income benefits?

    You are entitled to receive income benefits for as long as your treating doctor says that you cannot work, up Read More
  • What if my doctors says I can work a job with restrictions (light duty) but my employer does not a have a job for me?

    If your employer does not have a job that accommodates the restrictions imposed by your doctor, then you will continue Read More
  • What is the difference between TTD and TPD income benefits?

    Temporary Total Disability (“TTD”) means that you are totally disabled from working but the nature of your disability is temporary Read More
  • What are permanent partial disability benefits or "PPD"?

    In addition to medical and income benefits, the third type of benefit you are entitled to receive is permanent partial Read More
  • Can I recover for pain and suffering?

    No, there is are no benefits or recovery for pain and suffering in a workers’ compensation claim. Read More
  • The insurer wants to settle my case and to set up a Medicare Set-Aside account. What is that?

    A Medicare Set-Aside account or MSA is used when you are eligible or it appears you will be eligible for Read More
  • Do I have to remain in Georgia in order to get Workers' Compensation benefits in my claim?

    No. You can continue to receive your weekly benefits no matter where you are living. The insurer must provide you Read More
  • Can I be fired for making a Workers' Compensation claim?

    Yes, under Georgia law. Georgia is an employment at will state. In general, unless you have an employment contract or Read More
  • Am I personally responsible for my medical bills as a result of my work injury?

    Not if you have an accepted claim and if you have seen the authorized treating physician. Georgia law prohibits the Read More
  • I am applying for Social Security Disability Benefits. If I get them, will they be reduced because I am receiving Georgia Workers' Compensation benefits?

    Perhaps. The total of your workers’ compensation benefits and your social security disability benefits cannot exceed 80% of your average Read More
  • I think someone from the insurance company is watching me. Can they do this?

    Yes. It is legal to perform surveillance. The insurance company in your case is likely to be trying to see Read More
  • Can the insurance company force me to settle my claim?

    No, it cannot. And the reverse is also true: you cannot force an insurance company to settle your claim. Only Read More
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